These rules govern community safety for the Wurli App.


1. Don't post hate speech.

2. Don't engage in discriminatory or harassing behavior.

2. Don't create accounts to impersonate other people.

3. Don't spam or send unwanted messages to other users.

4. Don’t take, create, or post photos of someone else to degrade, make fun of, or harm their image or reputation in any way.


1. Don't take, create, or post photos without consent.

2. Don't use the app's tools, platform, or content to blackmail or spread false information of anybody.

3. Don't share private information of anyone.

4. Don't share photos that you believe may violate the subject’s consent, except to report a violation.

5. Don’t collect or use personal information, or content shared by users to violate their personal boundaries, or privacy.


1. Don't create or post illegal, violent, sexual, objectifying, or otherwise inappropriate content of any form.

2. Don't post content that puts you or someone else in danger.

3. Don't use the app for nefarious, or criminal activities.

4. Don't use the app's tools, platform, or content for exploitation or coercion.

5. Don't create or share photos with the intent to incite social disorder, cause division, or bring harm to individuals or communities.

Remember, It's your duty as a user to immediately report anything you see that breaks the rules or could put other users in danger. Thank you for helping to create a safe, inclusive, and respectful environment for all.

Effective: 22 August 2023