Effective: August 22, 2023

Wurli Appareil Photo Inc. is an independently led technology company focused on innovative AI-driven photography driven social networking applications. Our products and services—including the Wurli app with features like AI image generation and mirroring, user-generated content sharing, and other features that link to this Privacy Policy—provide unique, engaging, and personalized ways to capture and share your moments.

When you use these services, like taking a selfie and creating images using others' backgrounds or sharing your own, you'll share some information with us. Therefore, we want to be transparent about the information we collect, how we use it, how it's shared, and the controls you have.

We've done our best to write this Privacy Policy in a way that's easy to understand for all our users and free of complicated language and legal phrases. If you need to revisit something later on, you can always come back and take a look. We designed it to provide easy-to-digest summaries of our privacy practices, specific to the Wurli app and its unique features. For example, our Privacy by Product page gives information about how privacy is handled in different aspects of our app. Still have questions? Just reach out to us.

There are three basic categories of information we collect:

Information you provide.

• Information we get when you use our services.

• Information we get from third parties.

Here’s a little more detail on each of these categories.

Information Collected:

Information you provide

When you interact with Wurli and its features, we collect information that you provide to us. For example, to utilize the unique photo taking, photo generation and sharing functionalities, you may need to set up an account. In this case, we’ll collect essential details like your username, password, email address. We may also ask you to provide us with additional information that will be publicly visible on our network, such as a profile picture or your name.

Of course, you’ll also provide us with whatever images and information you send through our services, such as selfies, background photos, the generated images, and photos mirrored with others' backgrounds. Keep in mind that users who view your photos and any other content can always save that content, remix it, or copy it outside the app. So, the same common sense that applies to the internet at large applies to Wurli as well: don’t send messages or share content that you wouldn’t want someone to save, remix, or share.

When you contact Support or communicate with us in any way, we’ll collect whatever information you volunteer or that we need to resolve your question.

Information we get when you use our services.

When you use Wurli, we collect information about which features you’ve used and how you’ve used them. We might know, for example, that you took a selfie and combined it with a background photo to create a generated image, used the mirroring feature to blend a photo of yourself with a background shared by someone else, commented on particular photos on the user-generated content network, or shared your generated images with friends. Here’s a fuller explanation of the types of information we collect when you use Wurli's services:

Usage Information. We collect information about your activity through Wurli. For example, we may collect information about:

• How you interact with our services, such as which AI-generated photos you view or create, selfies and back photos you take, what time your photos were uploaded, and which photos you mirror from other users' shared backgrounds.

• How you communicate with other Wurli users, including their names, the time and date of your interactions, the number of messages or shared photos you exchange, and your engagement with shared content (such as when you remix a photo).

Content Information. When you use Wurli, you engage with our unique camera tools and create various types of content including selfies, back photos, and generated images. We collect information about content you create or provide and your engagement with our AI-driven camera tools. This may include metadata such as the date and time the content was posted and who viewed it.

Device Information. We collect information from and about the devices you use with Wurli, such as:

• Information about your hardware and software, including the operating system version, device memory, device usage data, unique application identifiers, browser type, and time zone.

• Information from device sensors, such as accelerometers, that contribute to the functionality of our AI camera app.

• Information about your wireless and mobile network connections, like IP address and signal strength.

Camera, Photos, and Audio. Wurli’s services require us to collect images and other information from your device’s camera and photos. For example, accessing your camera or photos is essential to create and share images within the app.

Location Information. When you use our services we may collect information about your location. With your permission, we may also collect information about your precise location that includes methods such as GPS signals.

Information Collected by Cookies and Other Technologies. Like many online services, we may use cookies and similar technologies to collect information about your activity, browser, and device. This information helps us improve and personalize your experience. Most web browsers are set to accept cookies by default. If you prefer, you can usually remove or reject browser cookies through the settings on your browser or device. Keep in mind, though, that removing or rejecting cookies could affect the availability and functionality of our services.

Log Information. We may also collect log information when you use Wurli, such as:

• Details about how you’ve used our services.

• Device information, like your web browser type and language.

• Access times, pages viewed, and navigation patterns within our app.

Other information, with your permission. There may be instances when we'll ask for additional information or permission, such as when participating in specific features or services within Wurli. In such cases, we will always inform you of what data we're collecting and obtain your explicit consent. For example, if you live in a jurisdiction where certain data is considered sensitive we will ask your permission and give you a heads up on what data, including sensitive data, if any, we’re collecting.

Information We Collect from Third Parties

We may collect information about you from other users, our partners, and third parties. Here are a few examples:

Third-Party AI Services: The Wurli App incorporates OpenAI's DALL-E 2 technology to compile and generate photos. Information related to your usage of this feature may be shared with OpenAI to provide and enhance this core functionality.

• If another user uploads their contact list, we may combine information about you from that user’s contact list with other information we have collected about you.

• If you provide us with your contact information, we may use that information to enhance your user experience and facilitate communication with you within the Wurli community.

• We may receive information from third parties, including other social network providers, law enforcement, and others, about potential violators of our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines.

How We Use Information

What do we do with the information we collect? The short answer is: provide you with an incredible set of products and services within Wurli that we tirelessly enhance. Here are the ways we do that:

• Develop, operate, improve, deliver, maintain, and protect Wurli’s features, including the selfie-back photo compilation and the 'mirroring' function.

• Personalize Wurli's services by suggesting friends, what photos to mirror, or customizing the content we show you.

• Develop and improve our algorithms and machine learning models, including those used in collaboration with third-party services like OpenAI's DALL-E 2 for personalization, creativity, fairness, and preventing abuse or violations of our Terms of Service.

• Conduct research to better understand Wurli users and general consumer interests and trends, as well as how our services are used.

• Enhance the safety and security of Wurli, verify your identity, and prevent fraud or other unauthorized or illegal activity.

• Use information from cookies and other technologies to enhance Wurli and your experience with it.

• Enforce, investigate, and report conduct violating our Terms of Service, respond to requests from law enforcement, and comply with legal requirements.

• Send you communications, including emails or other messages, to respond to support inquiries or share information about Wurli, its features, and promotional offers that may interest you.

• Monitor and analyze trends and usage within Wurli's social network.

How We Share Information

Why do we share the information we collect? Most of the time, it’s because you ask us to. Sometimes we share it because we need to. Here are the ways we may share information about you within Wurli:

With other Wurli users. We may share the following information with other users on Wurli:

• Information about you, such as your username, name, and avatar.

• Information about how you have interacted with our services, the photos you’ve engaged with, your connections within the community, and other information that helps Wurli users understand your interactions with others using our services.

• Information about your device, such as the operating system and device type, to help you receive images and other content in the optimal viewing format.

• Any additional information you have directed us to share, like mirroring your photo with someone else's background.

With all Wurli users, our business partners, and the general public. We may share the following information with all Wurli users, as well as with our business partners and the general public:

• Public information like your name, username, profile pictures, and public photos.

• Content that you submit to public parts of the service, including shared backgrounds and photos. This content may be viewed, used, and shared by the public at large both on and off our services.

With third parties. We may share information with third parties in the following ways:

• With service providers who perform services on our behalf, including to facilitate payments, measure and optimize the performance of ads, and deliver more relevant ads.

• We may share information about you with business partners that provide services and functionality on our services

• We may share information about you, such as device and usage information, to help us and others prevent fraud.

• We may share information about you for legal, safety, and security reasons.

• We may share information about you for legal, safety, and security reasons. We may share information about you if we reasonably believe that disclosing the information is needed to:

• comply with any valid legal process, governmental request, or applicable law, rule, or regulation.

• investigate, remedy, or enforce potential Terms of Service and Community Guidelines violations.•

• protect the rights, property, or safety of us, our users, or others.

• detect and resolve any fraud or security concerns.

• Non-personal information. We may also share with third parties that provide services to us or perform business purposes for us aggregated, non-personally identifiable, or de-identified information.

Third-Party Content and Integrations

Our services at Wurli may contain third-party content and integrations. A prominent example includes the integration of OpenAI's DALL-E 2's public API, which powers the core functionality of our AI image generation tools used for compiling selfies and back photos, and our mirroring features.

Through these integrations, you may be providing information to third parties like OpenAI as well as to Wurli Appareil Photo Inc. We are not responsible for how those third parties collect or use your information. As always, we encourage you to review the privacy policies of every third-party service that you visit or use, including those third parties you interact with through our services on Wurli.

OpenAI's DALL-E 2's public API allows us to provide unique and tailored experiences within the app. However, it is essential to understand how third parties involved, such as OpenAI, might handle your information. You can learn more about OpenAI's privacy policy and how they handle data by visiting OpenAI's website.

How Long We Keep Your Information

Wurli lets you capture and live in the moment as it should be with unique photos created through our features. Your photos — whether generated using AI with our main camera or created through the photo mirroring feature — are stored in accordance with our privacy policy. Other content, like shared backgrounds, may be stored for longer. For the latest information about how long we store different types of content, check out our Support Site.

We store other information for longer periods of time. For example:

• We store your basic account information — like your name, username, and email address — and list of followers until you ask us to delete them.

• If you ever decide to stop using Wurli, you can just ask us to delete your account. We’ll also delete most of the information we’ve collected about you after you’ve been inactive for a while!

Keep in mind that, while our systems are designed to carry out our deletion practices, we cannot promise that deletion will occur within a specific timeframe. There may be legal requirements to store your data and we may need to suspend those deletion practices if we receive valid legal process asking us to preserve content, or if we receive reports of abuse or other Terms of Service violations, or if your account, content created by you, or content created with other users is flagged by others or our systems for abuse or other Terms of Service violations.

Finally, we may also retain certain information in backup for a limited period of time or as required by law.

Control Over Your Information

We want you to be in control of your information, so we provide you with the following tools

• Access, Correction, and Portability. You can access and edit most of your basic account information right in our app. Because your privacy is important to us, we will ask you to verify your identity or provide additional information before we let you access or update your personal information. We may also reject your request to access or update your personal information for a number of reasons, including, for example, if the request risks the privacy of other users or is unlawful.

Revoking permissions. In most cases, if you let us use your information, you can simply revoke your permission by changing the settings in the app or on your device if your device offers those options. Of course, if you do that, certain services may lose full functionality. For messages sent by SMS or other messaging platforms, you may opt out by deactivating the push notifications in your settings app or similar mechanism as provided.

Deletion. While we hope you’ll remain a lifelong user, if for some reason you ever want to delete your account, you can simply access account deletion through your App Settings from your profile page. You can also delete some information, like your conversations with other users, and photos you’ve shared; which will also prevent other users from being able to continue to mirror your photo.

Communicating with Other Users. It’s important to us that you stay in control over whom you communicate with on Wurli. That’s why we’ve built a number of tools in your App Settings that let you indicate whether you’d like to block another Wurli user from commenting and viewing your content again.

International Data Transfers

We may collect your personal information from, transfer it to, and store and process it in Canada and other countries outside of where you live. The third party we primarily share information with is OpenAI, exclusively due to the requirements of our core functionality. Whenever we share this information, and when we are legally required to do so, we make sure an adequate transfer mechanism is in place to ensure compliance with relevant laws and regulations.

Our Audience

The Wurli service is not intended for — and isn’t directed to — anyone under 13. And that’s why we do not knowingly collect personal information from anyone under 13. In addition, we may limit how we collect, use, and store some of the information of Wurli users under 18. In some cases, this means we will be unable to provide certain functionality to these users, such as certain features related to photo sharing and mirroring without parental permission.

Changes to our Privacy Policy

We may change this Privacy Policy from time to time. But when we do, we’ll let you know one way or another. Sometimes, we’ll let you know by revising the date at the top of the Privacy Policy that’s available on our website and mobile application. Other times, we may provide you with additional notice (such as adding a statement to our websites’ homepages or providing you with an in-app notification).